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Lake Accident Victims Rescued at Lake Ray Hubbard

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

SRINAGAR, KASHMIR - OCTOBER 27: Rescue workers...

One of the worst scenarios for an accident was played out in real life Saturday night as two women were trapped inside their car, sinking into Lake Ray Hubbard. The cause of the accident is not immediately known, nor how the women came to be in the predicament.

A deputy on patrol, Keven Rowen, caught sight of the car late Saturday night as it was sinking into the lake. From his vantage he could see that two women were trapped inside, frantically struggling and crying for help from the back seat.

Deputy Rowen called for assistance, but there was not a minute to lose. He quickly removed his utility belt, then entered the lake to assist the victims. As the car sank lower and lower into the water, the women pressed their faces against the roof of the car to get air. They continued screaming for help. When the deputy managed his way to the car, he broke a window using a punch tool. He then pulled the women out of the car and brought them to shore.

Deputy Rowen is being hailed as a hero for the rescue. He had, ironically, been carrying the tool that he used to save the women for two years, “just in case.” The incident ended well for the two women, particularly considering neither knew how to swim.

Lake injuries can occur in a variety of circumstances. You don’t have to be jet skiing or fishing off the edge of a boat to encounter danger that can quickly lead to tragedy. While the details of how the car carrying the two women came to be resting in the lake remain sketchy, clearly some sort of accident occurred.

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